Tower Clock Repair

tower Clock Repair

Do you own a shopping plaza or a prestigious business and your tenants are complaining that the tower clock above the building is not working? Are the four clock faces displaying different times? Are you tired of having to always adjust for daylight savings? Are the clocks losing or gaining time? Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions, we would love to help you start those clocks ticking again.

Even though the clock is technically correct twice a day, we can make it correct every minute of every day. We can install systems designed and manufactured in the US. All clock mechanisms we install are easy to maintain and extremely reliable. We can install controllers that automatically adjusts for daylight savings and also power failure features, which in case of a power failure, the clock controller has a battery back-up so when power is restored the controller advances the clock hands to reestablish the correct time. Add a GPS receiver to your system that works with the controller to achieve extremely high levels of accuracy.

After installing your new system we will educate a staff member on how the system performs to ensure your tower clock keeps on working for many years to come. Give us a call and we will advise you of your options. We are centrally located in Orange County in beautiful Southern California. We also offer Nationwide calls anywhere in the USA.

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Western U.S. Service Area

Tower Clock Repair Experts

Experts in tower clocks, street clocks, and post clocks repairs.

We specialize in synchronous clock motors, impulse systems, GPS, daylight savings, and battery back-up power loss systems.

We install systems designed and manufactured in the US.

Western US service calls available.

Our systems are extremely reliable and feature daylight saving adjustment and power failure correction.